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Frequently Asked Questions
Why would two loads of the same product have different gross weights?
There are many variables including variances in the product pack weight. Another is container weight. The image to the right shows four 40’ HC reefer containers pulled on the same booking.  Notice the difference of almost 900 pounds from the lightest to heaviest container.
Who do I contact for container numbers?
No one! CR&J’s exclusive web system will automatically email your container number as soon aswe have it pulled and entered in our system.
How do I know my orders are scheduled?
There are a few ways.  You can call us because we love to speak with our customers! OR You can log in to our web site and see all orders we have scheduled for you. Additionally, every Friday our web system will email you a listing of the orders we have scheduled for the following week.
Why would I have to pay a fine if my load was under the maximum permitted weight for the state in which the truck was located?
Occasionally the loading facility will load a container unevenly. There may be too much weight in the nose or the tail of the container.  This can cause an “Over Axle” fine.  Even though the overall weight of the load is less than the state’s gross limit, there are also limits for how much weight can be loaded on any axle group.
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